Camp Philosophy

The Lions Wrestling Clinic Staff is comprised of college coaches devoted to your success.  Each year we gather resources and efforts to enhance the level at which NJ HS Wrestlers compete. The High School coaches who attend have coached numerous wrestlers to individual and team state titles.  We feel that the cross section of College coaches, High School coaches, and outstanding wrestlers at camp creates an ideal environment for learning and growth.

Lions Wrestling Clinic gives each wrestler comprehensive learning/teaching sessions on technique diversified in attacks, defense, top, and bottom.  A comprehensive approach with dedicated hours of focus will expose all competitors to college style coaching and technique.

Topics will be covered according to team coach recommendation.  The following areas are among those that we plan to cover:

  • College style warm-up
  • Pre-wrestle routines
  • Mindset 
  • Hand fighting
  • Pummeling
  • Shot set-ups
  • Snap-downs
  • Front headlock
  • Double leg
  • Single leg head inside
  • Single leg head outside
  • Low single
  • Swing single
  • Re-shots
  • Shot finishes
  • Shot defense
  • Sprawls
  • Counter shots
  • Stand-ups
  • Sit-outs
  • Peterson series
  • Rolls from bottom
  • Break downs
  • Riding techniques
  • Turns: cradles/halves/bars/tilts/more
  • Pinning combinations

Each clinician will give you their very best tips and tricks to help boost your technique in these different areas.